If you purchase 12 or more individual lessons, you will be given a bulk discount. Your individual class fee depends on the size of the package, namely the larger the package, the cheaper your 1-to-1 class (see column 4 below).

The standard individual package is good for 40 individual lessons @ EUR 22/60 mins that are usually taken over one term or over approximately 16 weeks. It costs EUR 880 + 20% VAT (if applicable). You can also take pair and group classes at standard rates if you purchase this package. 

If you purchase ANY individual package, you will also be also eligible to attend pair and small group lessons, i.e. you will be able to choose to combine private study with pair and group classes. The fees you pay for pair and group lessons are fixed and do not depend on the size of your individual lesson package.


EUR 12 / 60 mins - a pair lesson 
EUR 8 / 60 mins -  a lesson in a group of three
EUR 6 / 60 mins -  a lesson in a group of four  

NB! The standard individual 40-hour course is what you need if you are studying for IELTS and need to advance 0.5 in ONE skill, speaking or writing (6.5 to 7.0, for example, or 5.5 to 6.0). Such a course takes 1 term to complete, on average. If you need to improve TWO skills, you most probably need more lessons, and should consider both individual and pair class solutions. In some cases a combo-package works best: some 1-to-1 classes combined with pair and small group lessons.

(add VAT if applicable)

of classes
EUR per   60 mins  
INDIVIDUAL 5                 none  05 EUR 28.80   EUR 144.00
INDIVIDUAL 6 (on renewal)
       - EUR 28.80 06 EUR 24.00   EUR 144.00
 INDIVIDUAL 12        -EUR 57.60  12 EUR 24.00   EUR 288.00
 INDIVIDUAL 24     - EUR 115.20  24 EUR 24.00   EUR 576.00
INDIVIDUAL 40        -EUR 272.0040  EUR 22.00
EUR 880.00
INDIVIDUAL 60  -EUR 468.0060EUR 21.00 
EUR 1260.00
INDIVIDUAL 80 -EUR 704.0080 EUR 20.00 
EUR 1600.00
INDIVIDUAL 100 -EUR 980.00100EUR 19.00EUR 1900.00
INDIVIDUAL 200 -EUR 2160.00200EUR 18.00EUR 3600.00

The price list has been revised on 1 December, 2017.
The price list is effective till 30 April 2018. 

When are 1-to-1 lessons cheaper?
Rumour has it that miracles happen at Yuletide each year - just ask for a personal discount, and you'll get one. It is also believed that you can get a discount on 8th March, on 1st September, and on Galactic Tick Day. Just quote the link to this page when you apply, and ask for special terms.